About Us

We love weddings. We really do; the joy is completely infectious.

As a freelance wedding and event florist based in the North of Ireland, Rebecca has spent time planning weddings, from single flower stems, to table plans and draping, interpreting every dream and creating atmospheres in every conceivable location.

Whether you are planning a wedding in the heart of Belfast, a country marquee or a stately home estate across the north and south of Ireland, Rebecca and her team seek to design and creatively interpret your individual sense of style to result in a beautiful, memorable event.

Your smile is our job, your custom is our success!

When it comes to your wedding day, we understand that every detail counts, so we work closely to provide inspiration, imagination and guidance to ensure beauty is realised on one of the most special days of your life.

Rebecca is a young, ambitious floral designer, fashioning floral designs all across Ireland. Specialising in weddings, events and occasional flowers. The minute you engage with Floralicious, we are devoted to creating the best, most bespoke floral display for you to enjoy.

From the moment you contact us, our brains engage yours, the designing commences, we dream big, cost affordable, and deliver your requirements to our highest standard, on your chosen date.

Meet the team behind the magic!

Rebecca - Owner of Floralicious

Rebecca is a young ambitious woman, driven to design and to plan wedding and events.

Rebecca coordinates everything from floral designs to wedding planning services. Hardworking and determination is key, in any business but designing something so personal to individual couples, is a skill itself to outline their interests, their vision and their style for their day.

No request is too big nor too small.

Building a business at 19 years of age was not easy, and building a team, a 'floral family' was a challenge. Being a freelance florist transitioning into a team, which you have to make your own can be hard. Rebecca built a team of varied skilled individuals, with different bespoke business strengths and combined them together to form a team, a 'floral family'. Being a Florist or Wedding Planning Service, requires more than one type of skill and therefore i would like to introduce the team behind the magic!

Meet Maureen

Maureen has been huge part of Floralicious. Being apart off the team from the moment Rebecca launched Floralicious, someone we couldn't do without! An eye for design, attention to detail and organisation director.

Maureen ( auntie-mo) has it all! Prepping weddings, fabrics and sundries, you will find her organising and gift wrapping in the lead-up to weddings.

Meet Hayley

Having just graduated from an Event Management degree, Hayley has fire in her belly for the events and wedding industry. She enjoys liaising with customers to help make their floral fantasies come to life, bringing creativity and enthusiasm to the team. Hayley’s favourite flower’s are pretty peonies and playful pampas grass.